Son doan

Charlotte, North Carolina 1 comment
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i have 5 item overdraff.i call the bank and ask them why you charge me all the five overdraff.

they told me that i make the deposit to atm late. i think bank always try to charge all the consumer all the overdraff because they always use late deposit. i did talk to the manager ask for return the money back. they had very bad nasty costumer service when i talk to them.

i don't know who will help all the people got ripoff from the bank.

i don't think this fair for the people.need help



Yes - you need help.You need help maintaining your finances.

If you don't have the money in the bank - don't try to spend it. Think of an over-draft charge as a finance charge for the loan you are asking the bank to cover.

It's folks like you who cause the banks to screw over other folks.:(

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